How to prepare for JEE Main?

When you are preparing for IIT JEE 2017, do remember that your marks in Class XII board exams will play a vital role. So, you must pay appropriate attention to your board exams. Here are some other preparation tips for IIT JEE that you must keep in mind:
* Start your IIT JEE preparation with the Class XII textbooks that you have. You can also refer to NCERT books that are prepared by many subject experts and are quite affordable too.
* Beware of using too many reference books.We have a list of important IIT JEE preparation books that you can use for reference. Use the ones that cover maximum syllabus and suit your learning style.
* It can help you to score more by indexing topics in order of priority or weightage they carry in JEE Main and Class XII board exams. * Learn the basics until all your fundamentals are very clear as JEE Main is specifically designed to test how well students have grasped the topics and how they apply them to a given set of problems.
* Revise, practice using previous years’ papers of IIT JEE, check solutions from solved papers, seek help where needed and revise and practice again.
* Last minute IIT study tips often suggest to students to try the IIT JEE paper of last three years.
* Time management is an important factor in JEE Main. So, while solving model JEE question papers, keep an eye on your watch too. If solving a question is taking too much time, move on.