Narayana Academy is a peerless educational institution known for its quality and result-oriented education. It is solely devoted to its students and their academics. Its faculty is taken from the top batches at NARAYANA-CHAITANYA hyderabad. Moreover, all of its faculty have ranked in the top 100. NARAYANA-CHAITANYA hyderabad's system is something unique in itself and should be emulated.

It is formed with the sole purpose of providing competition-oriented education which is lacking in the north region. There are so many good students in the state who are not able to give good results in IIT/NEET/OLYMPIAD. We have created a place where students can excel and achieve excellent results in these exams with proper school education. Students are proud to share with the world the fact that they have acquired their knowledge and test-taking prowess from our academy.

Narayana Academy is a result-oriented coaching institute in Lucknow. It offers preparation classes for IIT-JEE, NEET, KVPY, NTSE and OLYMPIAD along with Board preparation (CBSE/ICSE) . We offer a meritorious learning platform for IIT aspirants by top-notch intellectual and highly experienced faculty to provide autonomous education. The highly conducive and competitive atmosphere of the institute ensures that each doubt gets resolved.