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Your Kids Deserve The Best Education Active Learning, Expert Teachers & Safe Environment


WHO WE ARE A Few Words About Us

Narayana has always made it a primary focus to bring innovative and world-class learning methodologies that would make the studies. The futuristic and well-calculated vision of Mr. Zaid khan (B.Tech IIT-Roorkee) has always kept students ahead of the game. The farsightedness, determination, and leadership qualities of Mr. Zaid khan and other faculties have made a world-class learning environment inside the institution. We are all determined to set our students on a path of becoming World-class engineers, technologists, doctors, scientists. The grooming that one undergoes at the world-class institution is present, right here.

BEST FEATURES Why Narayana Academy works

Personalized learning

Students learn at their own pace, first filling in the gaps in their understanding, solidifying their base, and thereafter accelerating their learning.

Experienced Faculy

Be a part of the academy where you are shown the path by one of the most experienced faculties of the field. Let’s find the path to your success in the process that is most optimized for you.

Tools to empower teachers

With Narayana Academy, teachers can identify gaps in their students’ understanding, tailor instruction, and meet the needs of every student.


To crack IIT-JEE/NEE, students need exposure to a broad range of subjects, subject experts, and current developments in the field. We encourage our students to use our library, well-stocked with all the necessary texts, reference books, and preparatory magazines required for exams. They are current, up-to-date, and extremely useful.


With technology being an integral part it becomes easy for the parents to track their wards attendance in the institute. Also, the parents can keep a check on the classes going on with the live streaming facility.

Test and Analysis

There is always scope for improvement even in the best students. Narayana’s test system finds, measures, and continuously monitors each student’s strengths and areas that require improvement.
We conduct regular tests on each topic to enhance conceptual clarity and develop problem-solving skills. Tests are also conducted across topics to reinforce the integration of concepts, improved speed, and accuracy.
A record of tests score is maintained to identify areas of improvement and track progress in the student’s performance.

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.
– Benjamin Franklin

“The cure for boredom
is curiosity.
There is no cure
for curiosity”

“Teachers open the door,
but you must enter
by yourself”

Easy Access

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Who are our clients

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Our workflow




A few facts about our company

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